About Us


Sports has always been a part of our lives and growing up in the north east, as the season change so did the sport.
It was such a big part of our lives that we opened a sporting good store specializing in customizing all sports uniforms. We got a taste of the embroidery market and never looked back.
Unfortunately everything was put on hold due to the Iraqui war, which let to my three deployments in 10 years.
We finally were able to put our lives back together and “Tommy’s Tags” was born… Customizing more than just uniforms.

Our Key Features

Our Dedication

Our Quality

Simple Ordering Process

Our commitment is displayed in our work, making sure the customer is always satisfied with the results.

Our standards will not be compromised..

With the complex world we live in, the last thing we need is is a complicated ordering process .

We are a creative Embroidery Company

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